We have prepared this FAQ that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have about MitoFuel:

  • Will taking more NA, NaM or NR boost NAD+ levels faster?

Technically yes it may however, it is not going to help you because you most likely won’t have the mitochondrial density and function to support the increase and that could mean you end up with other problems. It is far better to slowly raise your NAD+ levels and at the same time let MitoFuel support your cells and mitochondria.

  • How long will I need to take MitoFuel for?

This will depend a lot on how you improve your diet, your intake of micro nutrients, the level of NAD+ and the condition of your mitochondria. In general, those who are not doing strenuous training find that they can half the dose of MitoFuel and take the NAD+ booster every 2nd day, after 60-90 days provided they are eating clean whole foods.

  • I have heard MitoFuel can make you sleepy?

While this is a rare occurrence, yes it can have that effect temporarily. There is observational evidence to suggest that ingredients in MitoFuel are boosting Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and while this is a good thing, an increase in HGH can make you feel sleepy or lethargic for a while.

  • Does anything aggravate the sleepiness and lethargy?

Unfortunately yes. Because NAD+ is tied into our Circadian Rhythms, boosting NAD+ can make you sleepy if you are in dark places like a room with the blinds closed or bad lighting. Moving to a brighter location or opening the blinds will alleviate the sleepiness.

  • Does MitoFuel have an impact on PMS

Yes, it does. One of the factors that lead us to suspecting an HGH rise was that many females taking MitoFuel have reported a significant decrease in PMS symptoms and in some case no PMS at all. This suggests more stable estrogen and insulin  levels which would be related to HGH.

  • If MitoFuel stabilises estrogen in females, what about testosterone in males?

Again, yes there are strong indicators that the ingredients in MitoFuel are normalising testosterone levels, especially in older males.

  • Can I take the whole dose of MitoFuel at once?

Ideally it should be broken up into two doses but if you must take it as one preferably take it an hour before going to sleep.

  • Will MitoFuel keep me awake?

MitoFuel doesn’t contain any stimulants like caffeine etc., that would interfere with sleep. If anything most who have taken MitoFuel have reported far deeper and less disturbed sleep.

  • What are the ideal times of day to take a dosage?

We recommend taking MitoFuel in the morning, or with your first meal and with dinner.

  • Can it be taken in conjunction with sport/gym supplements?

Yes, as long as the supplement does not contain, Niacin, Nicotinamide or high doses of B vitamins which could be redundant or possibly excessive.

  • I am not hungry, is it the Mitofuel?

MitoFuel can indeed reduce your appetite, not by suppressing it but by encouraging your body to make better use of what you eat. You may also find that digestion of foods is more complete.

  • What will happen if I accidentally skip a day?

Nothing to worry about if you skip a day, just take your normal dosage the next day.

  • Can MitoFuel be taken whilst pregnant or breast feeding?

While many of the components that make up MitoFuel are recommended in these cases, there are no indications for safety in these cases when they are all combined. We cannot recommend you take MitoFuel while pregnant or breastfeeding without the OK from your doctor.

  • Can MitoFuel be taken whilst drinking alcohol?

There is no reason why it can’t but we would prefer you take it with a nutrient dense meal.

  • Is there a minimum age restriction for Mitofuel?

We do not recommend that children under the age of 16 years take MitoFuel. In the case where a medical professional may prescribe it then we recommend you contact us for the correct dosage.

  • Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes it can although it is probably better absorbed when taken with food.

  • Is the capsule vegan?

Yes, we use vegicaps to encapsulate MitoFuel. One caveat is that the increased mitochondrial activity seems to fuel a craving for Amino Acids and usually this craving manifests itself as a craving for meat.

  • Can MitoFuel cause bloating?

Unfortunately, the Brewer’s Yeasts in the Thrive bottle can cause bloating. This is why we separated them into their own capsules and if this occurs drop the dosage to one tablet twice a day with meals and then slowly increase the dosage. What we have noticed is bloating normally goes hand in hand with gut issues and slowly introducing the Brewers Yeasts seems to go a long way to healing the gut issues. We would also recommend you consider taking a good probiotic if you suspect you have gut issues.

  • Why have you included Brewer’s yeast?

If you look at the composition of Brewer’s yeast, you will see its right up there with true Super Foods. Additionally, it contains a good spread of amino acids and the protein cravings that can be kicked off by MitoFuel were narrowed down to a craving for amino acids. Brewer’s yeast lessens this.

  • Is the Brewer’s Yeast Gluten Free?

Yes, we made sure we only use yeasts that are certified Gluten Free.

  • Is MitoFuel good for athletes?

Yes, the NAD+ booster and a few of the ingredients should improve athletic performance and recovery.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at tacticalsupport@battlebrew.co.za